The Great Gathering

The Mountain is breathing again

The fires are awoken

Like a bleeding wound

It weakens our strength

The Fallen One has returned

With the lords of the Unlight

Long is his arm over our lands

Cloaking the eyes of our brothers

To get us lost in the dark

Tight is the grip of his hand

It is time at last

To counsel together in faith

To bound the spear

And the shining sword

The hour is late

It is time at last

To march to the Battle Plain

To stand together until the end

Last Alliance of Men and Elves

Men of Elendil

Elves of Gil-galad

Dwarves of Durin

The Last Alliance

The great gathering

The host of the ages

Might of the elves

And the wrath of men

Led by the fierce undying legends

Snow Point and Fire

And White Light

The great gathering

The host of the ages

Surpassed the demise

But only the greed

In the heart of men

Left the evil alive

Vyšlo na albech