Summon The Wolves

Full circle summons the servants

The gathering of the haunted

Howls in the nocturnal mist

Calls for the haunt

I have seen the shape of the fallen

The guardian of the gates

I have seen the darkest one behind them

The one without a name

Ravaging in the woods, sleepwalking in shadows

The hunger drives them forth, the hunger forever burning

Under the leash of the enemy

They carry the troops against us

Ride from the northern fields

To terror the world at night

Born to devour the dark powers

Born to obey the one

Dire dwellers of the fiery caves

The feast of the forgotten souls

The dawn ends the furious hunt

The newborn sun reaps the gloom

But the daylight will fade away

When the night falls they roam again

They will never hunt alone

Open gates of void arrive with them

Freezing stare through your bones and veins

He will hear every word you say

Vyšlo na albech