Raging Goblin

Deadly wardog without fear

Ramming through the battlefields

Mighty heroes and kings of men

Will be dead by this beast, insane

Skin of stone and bones of steel

Shredded bodies and blood will spill

There are no allies there are no mates

When this demon is out in rage

My bestial servants, now go

with hate and destruction

Twelve feet high and weight of stone

Crushing enemies' head and bones

No mercy you get from him

When he's here it's time to kill!

Beast of war with lust for battle

All the enemies' like a helpless cattle

Blades, arrows and hammers of war

All useless and this beast wants more


Raging goblin is out from hell

Deadly berserker of chaos and mayhem

With wargutteral and stench of death

he will come and crust your head

Your dead corpse eaten by ghouls

Flesh and brain there's left only bones

Only sun can stop this plague

But in the darkness you can feel his hate

Rage of Goblins!

Black blooded, red eyed and hateful in nature

Dwellers of darkness with lust for blood

They kill for pleasure and without reason

The rage of goblins will crush you down

Vyšlo na albech