Olden Gods

Arise from the oblivion

Burn like no other before

Dare to face the olden gods

Feeble and drained coven

Unlight of your heart

Matching their might in immortality

Ashes and stone

First sight of the void

Breathe from my eternity

Grow stronger from their fear

This kingdom was never meant to last

As they carried the banners of the blind

Feed the faith of our false vision

Set the last stone on their road

True dark, reverse of the first light

Always there, behind the sun

Discordant in the song of creation

By the ghostly choir it is sung

Hear me, oh mighty first one

Reveal your golden light

Reek your poison to their lands

Seek their saviour and defile

Eyes of the wolf

Our ever burning fire

Under the darkened wings

Vyšlo na albech