Iron of Death

It came from the skies

Iron of the Flaming Star

Remade in a time of sorrow

To cast the grief

I shall ablaze the skies

As I lay down my wrath

Upon your worthless lives

Pawns of the Gold-Worm

I wield the iron

Reforged for blood

I am not riding alone

Death is by my side

Black is the sword

For your filthy kin

Black is your final sight

Before you die

I wield the iron

There is nothing to lose

Thirst of my sword

Drives me forth

I wield the curse

Of death and tears

Ill is my fate

Until the end

It hungers glory

Hunt down the Golden

It yearns dragon's blood

Drink from its heart

It is prophesied

There will be a battle

Before the world's end

When the fallen heroes

Shall rise and breathe again

From the last dying light

And the Great Enemy

Faces the Iron of Death

Vyšlo na albech