In the middle of everything I started to see

You said you were a beekeeper, but I heard no bees

I asked you where do you get your honey

You said darling I'm a beekeeper, I'm up to my knees.

Oh I'm a lonely sailor on a sinking boat

Sometimes I think I'm a mermaid but I never float

You asked me why I didn't send you a note

I threw my pen in the gutter with what I wrote.

Oh, oh, just like a dove on a bay riverside with a little black crow.

Wanna know all of the ribs on your cage.

Tell you that a part of me lives in you, and I'm a godd*** fool

Make your move or get out of the game.

At the end of the tunnel I can see the light

I promised you I wouldn't go down without a fight

I know it won't always be black and white

'Cause there are demons and things that go bump in the night.

So swallow your bitter pill

You said you were a thrill seeker but what's your thrill?

It's the way you walk, it's the way you stand still

And the way that you look at me and always will.

Hey, today's the day, are you ready to fall, are you ready to jump

From a plane with a stranger on your back

High in the sky, you look back and where am I at - I'm a man in disguise

Tongue-tied you started to crack

Started to crack and the sky's turning black

And I'm stuck in you like a thumbtack

Between my legs and my arms you're alarmed

And I won't hurt you - just want to charm you.

Wanna be there, and I wanna be there

I won't let you go

A beekeeper a thrill seeker

Hit the ground running,"Told you so..."

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