Where Silent Gods Stand Guard

The last head falls to the ground

No one is left alive

They thought that they could take me down

But it's not my time to die

I wipe the blood from my sword

And slide it in my belt

This is the sweetest of rewards

The best rush I have felt

Ten men are dead by my feet

I smell their streaming blood

And I smile, cause it makes me...

...makes me feel so good

They were crawling on their knees

Begging for their pathetic lives

Now their souls belong to me

As well as their eyes

Each man has something that I crave

I eat their steaming eyes

And drink their blood to make them my slaves

At Oden's feat in afterlife

I bring the skulls to my shrine

Where silent Gods stand guard

Soak them in blood and in wine - A sacrificial ritual

One thousand heads are on display

Collected through years of thirst

Macabre trophies from my prey

Picked clean of flesh by Oden's birds

I am - I am - A wolf in human shape

I am - I am - A predator with flaming rage

I'm a wolf in human shape - Every man is prey

A predator with flaming rage - Blood is in my trace

I will die with sword in hand

And then my seat's secured

When Oden calls from golden hall

He will greet me at the door