Valkyries Ride

Soon a new day will be spawned

Scattered fires glow

Soon first blood will be drawn

And dying ambers glow

They await the suns first rays

Anticipation running high

The Norns are counting numbered days

Hear the war-cry rise

See the Valkyries ride!

See the Valkyries ride!

They meet upon this hallowed field

Now the end is near

Two armies not about to yield

The smell of death in the air

This field has served as battle ground

Since the dawn of this world

Through the years a lot of blood

Has been poured into this earth

Warrior's eyes full of purest rage

Steel cutting flesh

Spilling guts and severing heads

Sending men to their death

Ride, ride, ride Valkyries

Ride, ride, ride Valkyries

The screams of dying men

The comfort in their eyes

Here they come, by Oden sent

See the Valkyries ride

Fallen men lie all around

Their dead eyes look to the sky

And as the swordplay rambles on

They see the Valkyries ride

Vyšlo na albech