The Mighty Doors of the Speargod's Hall

A battle on a distant shore

Seawolves' wrath sweeps the land

Down from the sky Valkyries ride

And walk the field, hallowed by Tyr

The fight is hard, axes swung

Swords bite sharp, men are slain

The ground turns red, blood-soaked field

Dead man's last bed and Oden sees

Vikings fall, in blood they lie

The web of Norns

They've met their fate

With shield and sword

They're brought in pride

To mighty doors of the Speargod's hall

The gates open and into the hall of braves

They silently walk

The one-eyed sits in glory might

Raises his cup and says:

Pl vida faltet

Harman svingat

Det blankat svardet

Oeh banen mott

Till den hoges sal

De i ara forts

Oeh vid mjodet hor

Oden kvada

Dawn breaks. The Einherjer goes to

Relive their last fight

With passion, swords held high

As they ride in the morning mist

The sun warms the air

War cries sound

Tor Hjelpe!

The battle begins

Charging horses with fire in breath

Rush to battle - in glory die!

Swords sing in joy

Again they cut

With shining edges

Blood-stained steel

Axes shine, again they're swung

Ripping flesh - death be done

The cold night comes

With charging darkness

To Oden's hall

The Einherjer return

A feast awaits until the next day

When warriors' eyes again shall burn