The Last Stand of Frej

See him rise

From Land of Flames

Our destruction is at hand

It is time to make a stand

Now I face, an awesome foe

I will always stand my ground

To this End my fate is bound

This fight is mine and mine alone

And there's no help from anyone

His wrath burns!

With intense heat

All his fury is unleashed

There is no way to defeat

The forces and The

Power that he wields

My hand holds the horn so firm

I am calm and ready to Die

Everything Around me Burns!

And I know that I will not Survive

See him Rise

From Land of Flames

In this wild and barren land

I will make my Final Stand!

My death awaits, I have no Fear

To this End my Fate is Bound

Though I'm Doomed

I'll Stand my Ground

This Fight is mine and mine Alone

And there's No help from Anyone

I go Forth to meet my doom!

But I will die in vain

Perdition waits for everyone

The world will die in Flames

With all my strength

I run the horn

Deep into His Eye

And as he swings

His Burning Sword

I die with a Tired Smile!

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