The Dragons' Flight Across the Waves

Alone he stands in the doorway

His family still asleep

Gazing at the starlit horizon

And the moonsparkling sea

When dawn comes he must leave them

His home, his children and loved

For his destiny beyond those waves

Known only to the Norns

He's already dressed ready to leave

His four friends are waiting by the shore

Each with a dragon ship

And one hundred men prepared for war

He returns to his bed kissing

His sleeping wife goodbye

And as he leaves his youngest son

A tear rolls from his eye

They set sail with the first morning rays

Heading for glorious wars

And as the five ships steer out from the bay

Their hearts pound like never before

The wind is strong, the sun is warm

Their Dragons fly across the waves

No greenfaces are seen here onboard

Only a crowd of braves

Many nights pass

And days long as a year

They await the battle

They await without fear

On the morning of the fifth day

Before the sun arose

They hear bells chime and see pyres

Torched at a nearby coast

"Lower the sail, grab your oars,

now men it's time to act!

Row like the wind to the shore,

row like the wind to attack!"

Vyšlo na albech