Annihilation of Hammerfest

All is lost and foreign kings

Rule the northern realms

Hammerfest, the last outpost

Has fallen to unbearded men

Lords of the bloody cross

Deceived or murdered all of true faith

Now the temple of Thor, where Mjolner is kept

Is under siege

They fear the power of Mjolner

The hammer of Thor

And all their efforts to destroy it have failed

From deep within the frozen ground

Comes a rumbling sound

Ravens fly and wild wolves howl

Sending shivers down Christians' spines

As if from nowhere

Dark and grim he appears

The warlord of the Gods comes with force

To retrieve The Crusher

The first man died with a gurgling sigh

When his head was crushed

Painful surprise in his eyes

As his life was snuffed

With raw and brutal force

The warlord breaks the temple doors

The weak back off in fear

On the altar it lies, he lifts the hammer high

And before it he swears:

`Allvise Ygg, Maktige Harjafader

Guda av Asars och vaners att

Hor mina ord, nar som jag svar

Att om tusen vintrar ater ta var ratt?

While he speaks his prayer

Mjolner rests in the air

As if holding breath

Frozen by fear

They gathered stand and stare

And what they see is death

A laughing cry fill the shivering night

He lets the hammer strike

A bolt of lightning bright

Rips the darkened sky

Fire of doom - Ignite!

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