Treble & Reverb

Album Treble & Reverb - Aaradhna

Dawn Raid Entertainment

Vydáno: 9. 11. 2012

studiové album

1Treble & Reverb0:56
2Wake Up3:51
3Keep My Cool3:54
4Lorena Bobbitt3:03
5Great Man3:07
6Bob's Your Uncle4:11
7Can We Go Back3:19
8Fire Burning Love4:13
9Back Of My Mind2:40
10I'm Not The Same3:21
11Burned It Up4:40
12Miss Lovely4:42
13Cool Shoes4:02
14Sit With A Slouch3:39
15Crying Like A Wolf3:11
16You Don't Love Me Anymore4:53
17Treble & Reverb0:35