Coming Down

You came to me, I see you from back then

I close my eyes and just when you appear, I see your eyes

I know – I was crazy over the attraction

I followed your eyes to your everything

I fell for that charm as I looked at you

I kissed you just like that

If time stopped just like that, would we still be together right now?

I miss you, if only I can go find you and hold you as I fall asleep

No matter how deep and no matter how far you’d be

Looking for you in my dreams I never stop and

I feel warmth whenever you’re near now that you’re here

Play the song of our love, let the music flow

Never stop you and I side by side

Lay in my bed and we can all pretend

Nothing’s to blame you know what I want

And I know what you want, but wait I’m alone

Without your touch you know I go insane

We couldn’t feel the effects of time

I couldn’t see in the darkness but I felt your breath

I know – your rough breaths

I followed your scent to your eyes

I fell for that charm as I held you

But now you’re not by my side, I’m all alone

In my room, where only traces of you remain

I can’t take a step out of this room and it hurts

When I dream about the love that we made

I see a blue sky shiny stars a blue bird flying high

And I feel your love whenever you’re near now that you’re here

Start the dance of our love, let the rhythm flow

Never stop you and I dance all night

Spend the night and you’d be mine

Then we can all pretend nothing’s to blame

You know what I want and I know what you want

But wait you’re not here, without your love

You know I go insane

Vyšlo na albech